Matt Dragovits

Ok, I never had a chance at not being a fan of fantasy. My last name on my father’s side is “Dragovits” (uhm… Dragons) and my Mom’s maiden name is “Merwine” which is a very old name originally derived from “Merlin”.

 It also appears that over a thousand years ago, my family ruled a small country with castles, and princes, and all of that… until we got our butts kicked by Charlemagne.

Europe 800 A.D.

So, what does this have to do with me being an author and illustrator of children’s books?   Absolutely nothing. I just think it’s kind of cool.

So, a little about me.

I grew up outside of Allentown, PA and was the third oldest of nine-children. We spent our youth climbing trees, reading comic books, tubing down rivers, and riding motorcycles. I’ve always had a thirst for adventure and loved to read and draw.

Shortly after High School I had the good fortune of becoming friends with a syndicated movie critic who taught me the art of storytelling.  From there I moved to Florida and started my 20+ year career as a professional video producer.  I am currently the Video Producer for The American Academy of Pediatrics. While I am very proud of my professional career, I never lost my passion for art and writing. While living in Orlando I became friends with veteran Disney artists Jeffrey Varab and Irma Torre who both helped me advance my craft.  Most recently, I completed the one-year certificate program at Don Bluth University and had the privilege to study under one of the most celebrated animators of all time.

In addition to my creative journey, the highlight of my life was to trick an amazing woman into becoming my wife and blessing me with three unbelievable children. I’m a very lucky man.

I know I’m getting long-winded so I’ll just wrap up by saying that it’s been a wild ride and I have no intention of slowing down. I hope you enjoy my first published book “Zach’s Quest.” The chapter book sequel Dawn of Legends is complete and is scheduled for release Dec/2023.  Till then, keep any eye out for the first volume in my very own author/illustrator picture book series titled “Good Knight Sweet Prince.”