Dawn of Legends - A Tale for Christmas Vol 02
Dawn of Legends

With amazing B&W illustrations by veteran Disney artist,
Jeffrey Varabkanich

The action-adventure prequel to the award-winning Zach's Quest.

Dawn of Legends takes the reader back in time to when Santa and his elves first made their dangerous journey to the North Pole. Get ready for an epic tale of elves, goblins, magic, battles, and more!

As with Zach’s Quest, my story combines fantasy and faith to help remind young boys and girls of the Reason for the Season. Dawn of Legends takes kids on a fun holiday adventure while instilling important values like faith, courage, trust, creativity, and determination. 

My goal is for parents to love Dawn of Legends just as much as their kids. (hopefully even more) I hope it kindles that youthful soul inside of you during this wonderful time of the year! Have a Merry Christmas!

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Free coloring book pages for kids!

Bust out the crayons or colored-pencils! It’s time for some more Christmas fun! Simply download, print, and bring these black-and-white images to life!

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The ultimate goal of the “A Tale for Christmas” franchise is to produce hand-drawn feature films. Matt Dragovits is a graduate of Don Bluth University, where he learned the finer points of the production pipeline for traditional animation… as taught by the master himself… Don Bluth! This is an amazing course that all aspiring film-makers and animators should consider.

There is an inherent magic that brings characters to life on the screen through the hand-drawn animation process. And while many of us do love the worlds that CG has created, we feel it is vitally important to make sure the next generation experiences the traditional animation style many of us had in our youth. To that end, I will continue to push forward in my efforts to combine the magic of Christmas with the magic of hand drawn animation. I welcome interest from investors or studios that will help us make that happen. 


“Dawn of Legends is also available as a feature-length screenplay designed to be produced in the traditional hand-drawn animation style of Disney and Don Bluth Studios. Our hope is that we will generate enough interest in the book series for investors or animation studios to produce these dynamic, action screenplays!

The Trilogy

Everyone knows that Hollywood loves to capitalize on success. That’s why Matt Dragovits is actively fleshing out concepts for the final screenplay in the trilogy. Stay tuned for more info!