Sites and Authors I Dig

The WingFeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

If you are looking for an amazing fantasy adventure for your child, I can't sing the praises of this series enough. The important messaging of family bonds combined with engaging storylines, fantastical characters, and constant peril made this series of books impossible to put down.


Fantasy Artist - Johan Egerkrans

This is an artist I really love. Just a very cool fantasy style that I feel is worth checking out.


21-Draw - Online Art Lessons

21-Draw is a fantastic resource for artists. It has lessons on anatomy, color theory, lighting and composition, character design, storyboarding and more. The instruction is easy to follow and really provides a great foundation. They also have great lessons on using Procreate on the iPad! And to top that all off, it is affordable!


Aaron Blaise - Veteran Disney Artist/Animator/Teacher

Aaron Blaise is an INCREDIBLY talented artist who provides a wide assortment of training lessons at his website. You can purchase lessons individually or subscribe on an annual basis. He also provides a ton of free lessons to get you hooked! I have taken many of his courses. His teaching style is warm and approachable, while also entertaining! Be sure to check it out!

Miser Bros. Press

Miser Bros is the site of Rick Goldschmidt, the official historian for Rankin/Bass Productions.

Procreate - Dreams

Since I'm a huge fan of animation it's no wonder I love software that supports the industry. Just recently, the amazing team at Procreate released their first animation software.. Procreate Dreams. And it is incredible. Take some time to check it out, and then watch some of Aaron's tutorials on YouTube to learn more!


Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini

The Elfquest graphic novels are an amazing series of beautifully illustrated adventures the follow the exploits of Tam and his fellow wolfriders. This series helped cement my lifelong love of fantasy and elves in general. The graphic novels are a little hard to come by since they were released in the early 90's, but they are worth the effort to track down!


Brandon Sanderson - Author

Brandon Sanderson is my all-time favorite author. I was introduced to his work when he finished the famous "Wheel of Time" series for Robert Jordan. Brandon's style and content is geared more toward young-adult and adult, so I would avoid sharing it with children. It definitely runs on the darker side, but if you are an adult fan of the fantasy genre I highly suggest you check him out.

Dragonlance - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This is where it all started. This is where I became trapped in the world of fantasy and had no desire to ever leave for antoher genre. (except occassional Sci-Fi) This is where the nights reading till dawn started. All hail "Dragonlance!" And while I absolutely loved the first two trilogies and several of the other books in the franchise, I also recommend checking out the other books written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. They've had an amazing journey together and put out a lot of content that I really loved! (The Deathgate Cycle,...The Darksword,...The Rose of the Prophet... to name a few.