When night falls, the adventure begins!

“Good Knight Sweet Prince” is a fantasy series about a young boy and his toy stuffed dragon, Prince. The two best-friends go on nightly adventures where they must be brave, intelligent, funny, and caring to help save the inhabitants of Luke’s dreamworld from constant peril.

The first book in this series is an introduction to Luke’s world.  Click here to purchase today! 

VOLUME 01 (Introduction to Luke's Dreamworld)

“Good Knight Sweet Prince” is targeted toward children ages 5-8.

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Every publisher and agent wants to know there is series potential for a title. “Good Knight Sweet Prince” has that in spades!

Showcased below is a sampling of the storyboards from the next book in the “Good Knight Sweet Prince” series. I am currently in the inking stage and then it’s on to color! This book, along with all future titles have Luke and Prince on adventures where they face real conflict and grow from the experience, leaving the young reader with a strong life lesson! Expected completion date for this title is Q2 – 2024.

VOLUME 03... and beyond.

If I haven’t already made it clear, there is HUGE series potential! The next six books that have been written include:

“The Warrior Inside” – Lesson: Even the strongest of us may have wounds on the inside. Principal Character Design Completed. Rough Storyboards nearly complete.

“The Greatest Gift” – Lesson: Appreciate what you have at Christmastime.

“A Battle of Words” – Lesson: You can’t fight racism with violence. You need to change minds.

“Problems in Pixieland” – Lesson: Being true to your promise, even when it is difficult.

“The Magic Garden” – Lesson: There are no shortcuts to success.

“The Smell of Victory” – Lesson: Even a shortcoming can be a blessing in disguise.

Additional concepts have been outlined for several books beyond this initial list. The potential for the “Good Knight Sweet Prince” series is limitless since it occurs in a “Dungeons & Dragons” type world, filled with every type of fantasy creature imaginable! The series has the potential to continue for years to come, while reaching a very desirable demographic!